We began as a single idea. That idea was to provide the best possible web development anywhere in the world. Two young men met in a computer science program and started to dream. The two young men quickly found they shared a love of the web and a love of the online gaming world. After graduation, it all began to fall into place. Both young men realized that with hard work, they could create a company that would offer something truly special to the world. And so began the process of e-Scope. Many years later, the company remains just as the two had foreseen so many years ago: one of the most respected names in website development and a specialist that online gaming casinos turn to for reliable, quick, thoughtful and truly ideal web development services. Both partners come to the company each day,  ready to offer transformative solutions that bring technological excellence, creativity and intelligent design to all they and their staffers touch.

A Committed Team

Marc Ruzesky is one of the founders of e-Scope. Like his partner, he came to a love of computers when he was very young.  As he grew, he knew that his life would be all about computer technology and his place in it. To that end, he entered one of the best universities in the United Kingdom with the intention of learning even more about a world he already adored. Here, he quickly found a home with others who shared his love of computers and his desire to be part of the world of technology. He also discovered a love of online computer casino gaming in his spare time, leading him to think that this could be his world as well. Ruzesky went on to earn multiple advanced degrees in the field of computer science. He did so while completing the idea that would eventually become e-Scope and a successful company. He knows that he and his partners will continue to be at the forefront of the world of technology. With his drive and his insights, he also knows that e-Scope will also continue to be the first choice for their online casino clients both desktop and mobile casinos.

Maaran Patil is another of the founding members of e-Scope. Along with his partner, he grew up in the greater London area. This ancient city was his to enjoy as a young man, allowing him to take full advantage of the region and the many cultural sites here. Like his partner, technological mastery was his from an early age. When the time came for him to choose to a profession, it was all about computer science for him. His life today continues to revolve around the needs of all those who work for and with e-Scope. He, too, has several advanced degrees in the field of computer science. Patil foresaw early in life that that technological innovation and gaming would be the center of his life. Today, he is a proud resident of London and someone who works hard to help his numerous employees rush to create the present day and make way for the future at the same time.

Our Services

At all e-Scope, we offer many kinds of web development services. We create websites that are creative and inviting. We come up with attention getting  online marketing material that is all about capturing an audience. Our banners are one of kind. We provide campaign websites and mobile app development (iOS and Android) that allows for access to our online websites whenever people are on the go. All of our apps are designed to compliment the responsive websites that we make and make sure that clients can stay in touch with their own customers all the time.

Our Passion

It is this devotion to true and total detail and passion for the creation of beautiful websites that has led major casino companies like Mr Green, LeoVegas, Casumo, bgo casino, 888 casino to come to us for help. We have worked in the gaming industry since the company began. Today, we remain one of the leading providers of online services for online gaming companies around the world. Our work shows in the sites that players see the second they login. Gamers demand the best possible gaming experience. We at e-Scope understand that playing online casino games is a passion for players. This is we work with our clients in the industry to do what we can to help bring such casinos to life. Our hard work pays off as players know they can come to the online casinos and get the experience they want right in front of them. Our staffers are always there on hand to make sure that all flows smoothly each day and that such site can offer a wonderful variety of games for players to enjoy.